Nick Gleitzman

Nick Gleitzman

Photo: Annie

Award-winning photographer Nick Gleitzman’s interest in the medium began with his early attempts to capture the unique beauty and character of the Australian landscape. That fascination turned into a career that has continued for more than four decades.

After twenty years of producing commercial photographs for some of Sydney’s best art directors and designers, producing an uncommon eye for detail, a distinctive sense of colour and style, and a passion for aesthetic and technical excellence, Gleitzman chose to concentrate on pictorial, landscape and fine art photography.

Visiting Hong Kong for the first time in 2007, he was immediately struck by the visually rich urban landscape, as well as the many obvious contrasts that the city contains. Recognising the pace of change in Hong Kong, he went about recording his first impressions of the transience, the impermanence, that exists at the fringes of the development of the modern city. He found and photographed fragmentary evidence of past stories, suggestions of layered information, and transformed them into powerful graphic images that provide a personal insight into the recent – and not-so-recent – history of the city and its people. Palimpsest, an exhibition of approximately sixty 24x36 inch prints, was first shown at The Rotunda, Exchange Square in Hong Kong, from July 15–20, 2008.

Gleitzman continues to capture the colours, textures and heritage of Hong Kong, from the sweeping panoramic cityscapes to the smallest details of life at street level. He has also produced portfolios of images of Macau, China, and Cambodia, and continues to make images as he travels and explores new landscapes across Asia and beyond.